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The Great taste

At Læsø Slagteren we strive to deliver local and tasteful quality. and that is possible through our collaboration with Læsø Limousine which breeds limousin cattle that graze on the marsh close to Læsø Saltsyderi.

The meadow is often overflooded by the sea in the winter, which affects the salt content of the plants. The cattle grazing of the beach meadow has a great impact on the quality, structure, and taste of the meat. The salt in the soil contains several minerals which help to create the unique taste, in the world-famous Læsø salt.

We have a large number of different meat you can try from the counter, and we are happy to provide guidance and recommendations for your particular purchase so that you always will get the optimal taste experience.

If you are into something easy, we have that too. There are always several light meals available. Sandwiches, salads, dishes prepared for the oven, or some delicious lunch accessories.

You can find our newest assortment on our Facebook page and be inspired.